Transitioning to a Memory Care Facility


When is it the best time to transition my loved one to a memory care facility?

Those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia have options to get them the quality care they need. One of those options is moving to a memory care facility. But when is it the best time to transition to a memory care facility? If you notice your loved one showing signs of memory loss that are affecting their quality of life, then it is time to consider transitioning to a memory care facility. 

Do Your Research

Before deciding on a memory care facility, research facilities, and amenities to know whether it is the right choice for your loved one. Look into the community policies and procedures, security, and the services and treatments available. In addition to this, speak with your loved one to understand what facility will best suit their needs.

Have Open Conversations

Above all, have open and honest conversations with your parent or loved one. Be patient and understanding. Listen to how they feel about it. Reassure them that you will continue to be part of their life. What you disclose to your loved one about the upcoming move is a decision you must make. If you think that it will only cause them to worry in advance, then plan to provide the information as clearly as possible when closer to the move-in date. 

Schedule Visits Before Moving

Plan ahead of time and make several visits with your parent or loved one before moving into the memory care facility. You will want to encourage them to get involved in activities and meet the other residents while visiting. This will help them become comfortable and more familiar with the facility as well as staff and residents.

Recognize that the Transition will be Difficult

During the transition to a memory care facility, your parent or loved one will most likely complain. They may even become depressed, anxious, or angry. Try not to dismiss their feelings. Instead, provide lots of reassurance and comfort. This is a difficult time for both of you. You may have doubts about the decision, but you are doing the right thing by giving them the help they need! 

Remain Positive

The best thing you can do during this transition is to remain positive. If you are always stressing and feeling negative about the situation, then your loved one will likely feel the same way. Stay positive and point out all of the good things about their new community. You want them to feel excited about the transition! 

Expel Feelings of Guilt

You may feel guilty or ashamed that you are placing your loved one in the care of others. But do not! It is entirely natural to feel this way as it is a big decision. You may have friends or family members who will criticize this decision. However, do not feel obligated to explain yourself or reason with arguments. You are helping your parent or loved ones by getting them the best memory care. 

Make it feel like Home

Lastly, make it feel like home for your loved one by decorating their room or door with things they love. It is vital to make them feel comfortable and at home. Before moving day, work with the staff, and try to recreate a familiar environment. Pin up family photos around their room. Arrange their belongings and possessions in a way that was similar to their previous home. Those with Alzheimer’s or dementia take comfort in what they can recognize. Although it may not be apparent, your loved one will greatly appreciate your assistance with transitioning them to a memory care facility and their new home. 

Emma Mastel - KARMA Jack Digital Marketing Agency