What Are the Early Signs of Dementia in Men?

As an older adult, or the loved one of an older adult, it’s important to be mindful of certain age-related memory issues that can become prevalent with age. One of the most common memory care diseases that impact older men is dementia; about 3% of adults ages 70 to 74 had dementia in 2019, compared with 22% of adults ages 85 to 89 and 33% of adults ages 90 and older.

This chronic condition affects memory, thinking, and social abilities, but can be managed and cared for with the right treatment and environment! Recognizing the early signs of dementia in men as early as possible is ideal. Not only does early recognition lead to early treatment, but it can also help families tie up any emotional or financial loose ends before the older adult becomes significantly impaired. In this blog, we’ll cover some of the most common early signs of dementia in men and how to navigate them with care and understanding.

Indicator #1: Impaired Reasoning Skills and Judgment

When older men begin to experience symptoms of dementia, one of the first indications is a lack of reasoning skills and good judgment. This could include anything from dressing inadequately for certain weather conditions, making irrational financial decisions, or changing daily routines on a whim.

Indicator #2: Trouble with Complex Task Completion

Another of the most common early signs of dementia in men involves their ability to continue with complex hobbies or projects. If a woodworking project that was once second nature begins to feel impossible, this could be an indication of dementia. This could also involve an inability to pay routine monthly bills on time, or forgetting to follow through on planned events.

Indicator #3: Personality Changes

A sudden shift in personality or character can be another early sign of dementia. In men over the age of 71, around 11% begin to experience symptoms like this. If you or your loved one is experiencing increased frustration or cognitive changes, chances are it could be a sign. Older men with dementia often act or behave in ways that are different from their “old” selves.

Indicator #4: Communication Struggles

This early sign of dementia in men can be tough to spot if your loved one has always been on the quieter or more soft-spoken side. If you begin to notice difficulty in finding common words or phrases, along with trouble keeping up with casual conversation, dementia could be the culprit.

Like many other diseases, dementia is progressive. While it does worsen over time, the right treatment and memory care facility can help to ease the symptoms. Our skilled and compassionate team is here to provide a family-like environment for every resident, while always providing comfort and working to improve quality of life. If your loved one is showing early signs of dementia, we’re here to help walk you through a treatment plan that works best for you and your family! Contact us today.