Senior Care in Home or An Assisted Living Facility


How To Decide

Is it better for you or a loved one to receive senior care in home or at an assisted living facility with a team of professional caregivers? It’s a big decision, and one that should be given plenty of thought. This quick guide will help you decide between senior care in home or at an assisted living facility. 

In Home

Senior care in home presents a number of benefits for you or your loved one. Being assigned one single, consistent caregiver means they get to know each other on a healthy basis to know their individual needs. Both the caregiver and individual know what to expect each day. There is also a sense of comfort of being able to remain in their own home while receiving care.

However, there are a few downsides as well. 24/7 care can be extremely expensive in-home. This also means you or your loved one can become socially isolated, resulting in loneliness, depression, and a lower quality of life. 

Assisted Living

Assisted living is much different. 24/7 care in an assisted living community is much more affordable. When your loved one’s daily needs are being met in the assisted living facility, it gives you and your family more time to focus on your relationship with them. Essentially, you can spend better quality time with them. Assisted living communities also allow for your loved one to socialize and meet new friends, an important aspect to a happy life.


Ultimately, this decision has to be made with you or your loved one’s best interests in mind. While moving into a new community can seem intimidating at first, an assisted living facility offers excellent levels of care, opportunities to socialize with others, and the option to spend their time doing activities they enjoy. 

Family-Like Environment

At Courtyard Manor, your family becomes our family. We ensure your loved one is treated with compassion and respect. To learn more about our assisted living and memory care communities, contact us today.

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