Nighttime Routines To Help Seniors Get Better Sleep

Night-time Routines to Help Seniors Get Better Sleep

It’s a common misconception that you need less sleep as you age. Studies suggest that seniors need seven to eight hours of sleep per night. However, due to changes in melatonin levels and shifts in hormones, many older adults may struggle to fall or stay asleep at night. Other factors such as bathroom visits, stressful thoughts, insomnia, or physical pain may affect sleep quality. Establishing a healthy and consistent nighttime routine may help seniors get better sleep. Here are some routines to try out about 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed.


If you struggle with racing thoughts as you’re trying to fall asleep, try journaling before bed. This nighttime routine can help clear your mind and prepare for rest. This could be a recap of your day, a list of things you’re grateful for, or something you’re looking forward to tomorrow.


Ditch Netflix for the company of a good book. Watching hours of television at night stimulates your mind at a time when you need to be winding down. The blue light exposure of screens also interferes with circadian rhythms, keeping you awake. Reading a book can help calm your mind and allow you to feel more tired at bedtime. 

Practice Yoga

Practicing gentle yoga stretches relieves tension and sore muscles, helping to relax your body before you lay down to rest. You can also practice some mindfulness and meditation to help release anxiety or stressful thoughts.

Listen To Music

Listening to music can aid sleep by allowing you to feel relaxed. It soothes the autonomic nervous system, leading to slower breathing, lower heart rate, and reduced blood pressure. Studies show that music around 60-80 BPM is best for falling asleep. 

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