5 Basic Memory Improving Exercises For Seniors With Dementia


Seniors who are dealing with dementia may face many challenges, such as issues with their memory and making mental connections. While this can be a difficult time for them, there are ways to help. Memory improving exercises have been proven to be effective in strengthening the mental connections of dementia patients. They’re also a great way to keep your elderly loved ones active and engaged in fun activities. Here are 5 basic memory improving exercises you can try with your loved ones who have dementia.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a memory improving exercise that encourages critical thinking and patience. Assembling a jigsaw puzzle can also lower blood pressure, decrease stress, and slow breathing rates. They can help dementia patients relax and focus on engaging tasks. 

Card Matching Games

A card matching game is a good way to improve your elderly loved one’s cognitive skills. It’s quite simple to set up, while still being mentally engaging and challenging. Lay out a deck of cards faces down, and take turns trying to flip over a matching pair of cards. In order to find a match, they’ll need to remember the location of cards they previously flipped over that match with their current card. This helps improve memory while having fun.

Chess & Checkers

Strategy games are an excellent way to keep your elderly loved one’s mental fortitude sharp, even if they’re struggling with memory issues. They’ll be required to create strategies to defeat their opponent. These games may be a little more challenging than other memory improving exercises, so it’s best to start with something simple, and then slowly build up to the level of strategy games. Remember to be patient with them. They’ll most likely need more time to decide what moves they want to make.

Word Puzzles

Keep your elderly loved ones engaged by giving them some word puzzles to try. Word puzzles are a great memory improving exercise because they allow dementia patients to keep up on their vocabulary and spelling, as well as the meaning of certain words. It doesn’t matter whether they finish their word puzzle, as long as they’re receiving the benefits of the game, and having fun while doing it. 

Trivia Questions

Here’s a memory improving exercise that’s both exciting and educational. Select a category in which your loved one is interested or knowledgable, and ask them some fun trivia questions about that topic. Start with some simple questions, and then build up to some more challenging ones. Trivia is a great way to practice repetition and stimulate cognitive function. 

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