How to Keep Elderly Warm This Season


Fall is here and winter is right around the corner, and temperatures are expected to drop significantly. Since the elderly population is less physically active, cold temperatures can impact them more severely. Physical ailments such as poor blood circulation, thyroid disease, and severe shivering could have serious implications if no steps are taken to prevent them. 

We’re here to show you how to keep elderly warm this chilly season with some of the best ways to keep at-risk elderly nice and warm.

Adjust Temperature to a Comfortable Setting

One of the best ways for how to keep elderly warm is by keeping them in an environment that can be temperature controlled is an easy way to ensure that they’ll be comfortable and warm. The recommended indoor temperature during the wintertime is between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s best to maintain that temperature range throughout the season. If necessary, you can adjust the temperature to fit however they’re feeling at that particular moment.

It’s also recommended that you very slightly decrease the internal temperature during the nighttime. Since you’re already bundled up in pajamas and blankets, it’s unnecessary to keep the entire house warmer. You’ll be saving money and energy by doing this. 

Cover Up With Plenty of Blankets

Blankets are commonplace for everyone looking to stay warm during the chilly season. When you’re looking for how to keep elderly warm this season, start by bundling them up in multiple layers of blankets. It’s more effective to cover them with several layers of thin blankets, instead of using one thick blanket.

If you’re looking for an even more effective way to keep your loved ones warm, consider looking into an electric blanket or weighted blanket. These are a step up from normal blankets, and a great way for how to keep elderly warm.

Make Sure They’re Eating Well

The chilly season is a time for hot cocoa and soup. Eating warm foods can help elevate your body temperature to normal levels. Because it’s more difficult for seniors to raise their body temperature, you should make sure they’re regularly consuming warm dishes throughout the day to help them stay warm.

Make sure you switch it up with the dishes you serve them. They must continue getting the essential nutrients they need to stay healthy. You can find plenty of delicious recipes on the internet that are great for seniors to try.

Quality Senior Care All-Year Around

We understand how important it is to your family that your elderly loved ones are under watchful eyes, and experience the care and attention that they need. At Courtyard Manor, your loved ones will be treated to around-the-clock attention from an experienced professional. In addition to fantastic care, they’ll be in an environment surrounded by their peers where they can foster new connections, and forge lifelong relationships. Give us a call today if your family is considering an assisted living home for your elderly loved one. 

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