Five Signs That It Is Time For Memory Care


Memory Care

Making the decision to implement memory care for a loved one is always a difficult process. However, your loved one’s quality of life must always be protected. There are certain indicators that it is time to consider assisted living. With that said, here are five signs that it is time for memory care.

Safety Becomes An Issue

First off, safety is crucial for your loved one. When signs of mental decline start to appear, your loved one’s safety may be of concern. This can include injuries at home, wandering, and mismanaging vital medication. If your loved one’s safety is at risk, it is time for memory care.

Financial Negligence

Forgetting finances is oftentimes one of the first signs of memory issues. If bills and going unpaid and piling up, your loved one is in need of memory care. Having the conversation about memory care may be difficult, but it is important when they are no longer able to properly handle finances.

Decline In Personal Hygiene

A lack of personal hygienic care is an indicator of memory issues. If your loved one is forgetting to bathe and take care of themselves, this is a sign that memory care is needed. Memory care services will give them the assistance they need for their personhood.

Changes In Personality

Has your loved one grown frustrated, agitated, or angry? On the other hand, they may grow isolated, withdrawn, and lonely. These changes in personality are signs that memory care will be valuable to your loved one. When memory issues start to show, their temperament will often change as well. 

You Want To Heal Your Relationship

When signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s appear, the dynamic between you and your loved one changes. You may become their primary caregiver. When this happens, your relationship can suffer. Using memory care and assisted living will take the caregiving off of your shoulders so you can go back to being their family, friend, and loved one.

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