Five Fall Activities For Loved Ones with Dementia


Fall Activities

It’s important to stay active physically and mentally for loved ones with dementia. This helps with boredom, depression, and mental decline. While autumn can be a bit chillier than summer, there are still plenty of things your loved ones can enjoy. Here are five fall activities for loved ones with dementia.


Who doesn’t love a nice fall-themed dish? Baking is a fun way to keep your loved ones with dementia mentally engaged. Plus, they get the satisfaction of creating something with their own hands. Dishes with pumpkin or apple are especially popular in the fall, and easy to make. If your loved one is unable to partake in the baking, you can bake for them and share a meal together.

Enjoy A Walk

Autumn can be especially beautiful. Taking a walk together is a great activity for physical exercise. Plus, it’s also the perfect activity to spend some time talking and enjoying each other’s company.


If mobility is an issue, brocheting, sewing, or knitting is a perfect fall activity. It’s comforting and relaxing, and, much like baking, brings a sense of creativity and fulfillment.


The coziness of fall makes it the perfect season for reading. Moreover, reading has been shown to boost cognitive function, fight stress, and improve memory for those with dementia. This can also be done with a book club, if they are in a living facility that has one.

Listening To Music

Music is a highly effective way to boost your loved one’s mood and quality of life. Plus, it’s been shown to improve memory and cognitive function. You may even discover some music they still remember and cherish.

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