Five Activities To Help With Memory Loss


Elderly Memory Loss

There are many benefits for elders for staying mentally engaged. Most notably, implementing activities and brain exercises can help with memory loss. There are a wide variety of activities that can be used that are enjoyable, engaging, and easy to do. Using these practical exercises can greatly help elders’ mental and social needs, as well as improve their mood and quality of life. Here are five activities to help with memory loss. 


First off, simple baking recipes are a great way to stay mentally active and fight memory loss. Following the instructions and using their hands to make something keeps them engaged and active. Moreover, this activity can also be done with others to socialize.

Reading Aloud

Reading on its own is effective for staying mentally engaged. However, reading aloud is even better. This uses both their mental and verbal skills. If they have books, newspapers, or online articles they enjoy reading, try having them read aloud to stay even more mentally active.

Share Memories

Reminiscing together is an enjoyable way to bond and spend time. Socializing and sharing stories together will help fight memory loss and keep their minds sharp. Even more, sharing pleasant memories will help boost their mood and fight anxiety and depression. 


Simple crafts require creativity and mental effort. Ideas such as knitting and painting can be a fun way to engage, socialize, and express themselves. In a nutshell, art and creativity of any kind that is practical and fun can help with memory loss.

Board Games And Puzzles

Finally, board games and puzzles are an easy and enjoyable way to stay engaged. Moreover, these are perfect for group settings so they can socialize as well. Finding a game or puzzle they especially enjoy will fight memory loss, boredom, and give them a sense of connectedness and purpose. 

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