Easy Crafts For Seniors With Memory Loss

seniors with memory loss

Adult children and caregivers of seniors with memory loss and dementia understand the challenges of dealing with the disease’s progressive decline. The time you spend with your loved one can be more difficult as they struggle to communicate or their memory lapses. Doing some arts and crafts can be a way to connect with them non-verbally and make the most of your time together.

Why Are Arts And Crafts Good For Seniors With Memory Loss?

Arts and crafts can be a great way to continue making positive memories with your loved one and may even help their memory loss symptoms. Here are some benefits of arts and crafts for seniors with memory loss: 

  • Reduced stress: Working on crafts can be a relaxing activity and reduce stress levels. It can also improve concentration and increase cognitive function.
  • Reconnection: As their dementia progresses, your senior loved one may become withdrawn. Art can awaken their memory and allow them to reconnect to their senses, emotions, and the people around them. 
  • Not physically intensive: Some crafts like sewing or knitting may be painful or difficult for an older adult. If so, skip those and concentrate on the ones that won’t physically bother them.
  • Self-expression: Dementia can be confusing and inhibit an older adult’s ability to express their emotions. Arts and crafts can provide a positive, non-verbal outlet to express their moods and thoughts.

Crafts and Creative Activities For Seniors With Memory Loss

  1. Collages: Create collages from photographs, newsprint, fabric, and magazine articles. They are a fun way to experiment with shapes, layout, and textures.
  2. Greeting cards: You and your senior can work together to create handmade greeting cards and send them to loved ones.
  3. Paint-by-numbers: Paint-by-numbers kits enable seniors with memory loss or dementia to complete a painting by following simple instructions. This takes the frustration and guesswork out of painting so that it’s a simple, relaxing activity.
  4. Puzzles: Assembling puzzles helps with creating focus and concentration on the task at hand. Choose a puzzle that accommodates the ability of your senior loved one.
  5. Arranging flowers: Gather a vase, a few artificial flowers and some florist foam and allow your senior loved one to create their own beautiful floral arrangement.
  6. Create a spelling tray: Stick colorful magnetic letters on a metal tray to spell out familiar words or just play with shapes and colors.
  7. Create a memory box: Take any kind of box and help your senior fill it with items from their past, such as treasured personal items or photos.
  8. Molding clay or play-dough: Seniors with dementia often enjoy experiencing different types of tactile stimulation. Modeling clay or dough is ideal for satisfying this need, and it also encourages expressing creativity.

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