Dementia Is Difficult: 7 Steps To Better Support Your Loved Ones



At Courtyard Manor, we know dementia is a very difficult condition to care for. When a loved one has dementia, they struggle with memory, communication, and taking care of themselves. It can also cause jarring personality changes and mood swings from day to day. We have created a quick guide to assist you because we know dementia is hard to deal with. Here are what steps to take to give your loved one the support they need.

Stay Positive

Your facial expressions, body language, and general mood will deeply affect how your dementia care will go. Speaking to your loved one positively and warmly helps every step easier and more doable. Humor is also very effective for both you and your loved one, as long as it is never at their expense. 

Limit Distractions

The less noise and distractions, the better. Dementia is a disease that makes communication difficult. Helping them stay focused when you communicate is crucial to giving proper care for dementia. 

Keep Communication Simple

Make sure you are communicating in a way that is simple and clear. A big part of this is making sure the questions you ask while giving them care are straightforward. Basically, try not to make your questions open-ended. For example, instead of generally asking what they would like to wear, give them two shirts to choose between. They will be able to see and understand the choice they’ve been given more easily this way.

Use Simple Steps For Activities

Some things they may still be able to do on their own, but might get confused at certain parts. Walk them through each step when necessary, and if they lose their focus or can’t remember where something is, step in to help.

Know When To Change Subjects

Dementia is a disease that can result in intense mood swings. Sometimes your loved one will become agitated and frustrated. When this happens, you may want to change subjects or activities. Make sure to acknowledge their frustration as well before moving on. That way, they know they are being heard and are maintaining an emotional connection with you.

Share Memories

Finally, sharing memories is good for both of you. Memory is affected by dementia, especially in the short term, but they often still recall memories from years and years past. This is a great way to maintain that special connection with your loved one.

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