10 Simple Craft Ideas For Seniors


At Courtyard Manor, we wish that you and the seniors in your life continue to spend quality time together and create lasting memories for years to come. Crafts are a great activity to get creative and inventive while having fun. Here are ten craft ideas for seniors to do.

Birdhouse Building

Building birdhouses is a deeply satisfying and creative activity for seniors to practice with supervision. You may use a store-bought kit or scrap wood. After the construction phase, add a splash of paint for some color and personalization.

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers add a pop of color to the interior of your loved one’s home. Use tissue paper or colorful printer paper to create a bouquet of paper flowers for their living space. 

Coloring Books

Coloring books let your loved ones’ imagination flow. Purchase an adult coloring book from any craft store, along with some crayons or colored pencils. Alternatively, a blank sketchbook lets them design drawings of their own.

Paint Rocks

Rock painting is a fun and inexpensive way for your loved one to express their creativity. Go to the park or a garden to select a rock and paint away! 


Scrapbooking preserves precious memories. Gather a selection of your favorite photos together, and paste them into a photo book. Leave the book in their bedroom or living room so that they may flip through it anytime they please.

Photo Magnets

Remember the good times by turning your fridge into a personal photo album! Photo magnets are simple and inexpensive to construct, and offer reminders of joyful moments throughout the day.

Decorate Picture Frames

A decorated picture frame compliments your photos with beautiful colors and designs. Your loved one will enjoy having their art displayed alongside their favorite photos.

Beaded Bracelets

Making bracelets out of beads and string is an unchallenging and enjoyable activity. You and your loved one can make unique, customized bracelets as gifts for the special people in your lives. 

Paint Pinecones

Encourage your loved one to get active outdoors by searching for pinecones. Go for a walk and pick out an assortment of pinecones to paint, and use them as ornaments or decorations. 

Photo Coasters

Photo coasters are a tasteful accent for any living area. They serve a practical purpose while showing off some of your loved one’s favorite photos. This leisurely and relaxing craft will allow you both to preserve memories for a lifetime.

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