How To Communicate With Elderly Parents About Care


Life transitions can be tough, especially for elderly loved ones. At some point, most people will face the difficult discussion of telling their elderly parents that it’s time to consider professional care. There are ways to communicate with elderly parents that will help them ease into the idea slowly, and eventually come to the conclusion that it’s the best decision.

Begin Discussions Early

Don’t wait too long to open a dialogue with your parents. While assisted living can be a difficult topic, early discussions with your parents will help ensure that they receive the care they need sooner rather than later. If you wait to have that conversation until your parents are in a financial or health crisis, there may be fewer options available to you.

Show Courtesy And Respect

Your elderly parents may be defensive and apprehensive towards the idea of assisted living. Show them the same love and respect that you’ve shown them your entire life. Your calm nature will make it clear that your decision is coming from a place of love, and that you only want what’s best for them. This is a difficult reality for many people to accept, so it may take some time before they’re open to considering the idea.

Practice Good Communication Skills

Every conversation goes two ways. Listen carefully to your parents’ responses, and respect what they have to say. Express your concerns clearly and carefully, and avoid giving them a lecture. Ask open-ended questions rather than just simple yes or no questions. This will allow you to have a deeper and more productive conversation. 

Bring In Additional Family Members For Support

To emphasize the importance of the situation, include other family members such as siblings in the conversation. It’s important that you and your family are on the same page concerning the best course of action before bringing the discussion to your parents. If there are any significant differences in opinions, try to work them out beforehand. Having a unified group of family members there for the conversation will create a more supportive environment, and it will show your parents just how much you all care.

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