5 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s


Recognizing Early Signs of Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s is a brain disease that causes memory and thinking skills to decline over time. It can be difficult to identify whether someone is showing signs of it. However, there are a number of ways to identify symptoms early on. With that in mind, let us take a look at the 5 early signs of Alzheimer’s.

Memory Loss

First and foremost, memory loss is an early sign. Specifically, this deals with memory loss that interrupts daily life. This includes asking the same questions over and over, forgetting events and dates, and more. Essentially, if they are having trouble remembering things they normally did not need help with it can be considered an early sign of Alzheimer’s. 

Trouble Speaking Or Writing

Another early sign may also be trouble conversing. As a result, they may struggle finding the right word. Additionally, joining and keeping caught up in a conversation can be difficult. 

Misplacing Things & Problems Retracing Steps

A person with the early signs of Alzheimer’s will often place things in unusual places. Consequently, they struggle to remember where they placed them. Finally, it becomes difficult for them to retrace their steps and figure out where those items might be.

Decreased Judgement & Reasoning Skills

Decision-making can be a challenge and an early sign of Alzheimer’s. The person may show a lack of attention when dealing with money, hygiene, and more. Essentially, their judgement and reasoning skills will start to falter.

Changes In Mood & Withdrawal

A person with the early signs of Alzheimer’s may experience a change in their mood and personality. As a result, they may become depressed, anxious, or confused. Additionally, this can cause them to withdraw socially as they have trouble emotionally and conversationally.

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