Activities for Seniors with Memory Loss


Benefits of Activities for Memory Loss

Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia typically withdraw themselves from activities, family, and friends. It is so essential to maintain these interests and relationships to provide a better quality of life for your elderly loved one. Activities help encourage self-expression, stir up memories, and ease negative moods like anxiety and depression. Alzheimer’s Association also recommends activities that maintain necessary motor skills like buttoning shirts or recognizing household objects. Try to consider the activities that they have enjoyed in the past. Check out these fun and engaging activities for seniors with memory loss to try! 

Sing and Dance to Music

For those who love music, put together a playlist of songs they may have loved and cherished. It is therapeutic to dance and sing! The act of singing releases endorphins, a hormone associated with feelings of pleasure. Oxytocin, another hormone released during singing, has also been found to ease anxiety and stress while reinforcing feelings of trust. Dance is exercise, so the physical health benefits of dancing will be similar to other cardio activities. So get up off your chair and encourage your loved one to join in!

Unleash Their Inner Artist

Expressing oneself through art can be a meaningful way to share feelings with others. For those with memory loss, the simple act of creating allows them to forget about more significant problems, promote social interaction and free their inner artist. Provide your loved one with creative activities like painting, knitting, or sculpting. If the following activities are too complicated, try simple crafts that do not have a right or wrong way of doing them. For instance, making homemade play dough to enjoy or creating a scrapbook by cutting out pictures from magazines. Let your loved one unleash their inner artist; they may even find a hidden passion! 

Simple Gardening

Gardening is another great activity for those with memory loss as it consists of repetitive tasks. Have your loved one maintain a garden by planting new seeds, weeding, or watering the plants. Provide them with seeds of their favorite flower or food to encourage them to participate! 

Try Out New Recipes

Baking and cooking activate the five basic senses. For example, when baking or cooking, seniors can be brought into the moment as they roll dough in their hands or smell sweet aromas. Of course, the best sense, tasting the fruit of their labor! So consider looking through Pinterest to find new recipes to try. 

Play Games

Games help enhance hand-eye coordination through manipulation of various parts or pieces. Depending on your elderly loved one, play games that they may enjoy! Try completing word puzzles, play a simple card game, or even a game of chess. As an everyday activity for seniors, Bingo is also a fun activity that can be played in large or small groups. 

Watch Home Videos

No matter what age, it is always lovely to watch home videos and recall memories from the past. So pull out your storage boxes to find recorded home videos or photo albums to look through and reminisce! Your loved one may appreciate it and bring up old memories you may have forgotten. 

If you notice your loved one’s attention span waning or frustration level increasing, it is likely time to end or modify the activity. It is essential to promote activities that are both enjoyable and stimulating as a loved one or caregiver. Luckily, there are various activities from which to choose. Consider the following activities above; your elderly loved one may find a new hobby to include and enrich their life!